Tell the Canadian Government to put their money where their mouth is and operationalize the Canada Food Guide & Food Policy!


1. Book a Meeting with Your MP

Use this tool to find your MP, then use the email templates below to request a meeting. Because of Covid, it’s very likely these meetings will be held via Zoom. If you want a member of the Nation Rising team with you at the meeting, send us an email ( once your meeting is booked.

2. Download Lobbying Documents


The Lobbying Document is available in English & French, and contains all the arguments for why the government should shift funding away from animal agriculture, and towards operationalizing the Canada Food Guide & Food Policy for Canada. You can use the document as a guide during your meeting.

The Budget Proposal contains four recommendations for shifting funding away from animal agriculture and towards the transition to plant-based food system. You can send this to your MP after your meeting, along with the lobby document.

The Effective Lobbying Document will give you tips on meeting with your MP, and includes email and phone templates,

Download Lobbying Documents