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    Citizen Lobbying Materials

Lobbying Documents

Tell the Canadian government to operationalize the Canada Food Guide and Policy!

Tell the Canadian government you don't want them using your taxes to fund animal agriculture!

Tell the Canadian government to align subsidies with new healthy eating recommendations!

Meeting With Your MP

Step 1. Find Your MP

Use this tool to find your MP

Step 2. Book a Meeting with Your MP

Use these email templates to book a meeting with your MP.

Step 3. Prepare for Your Meeting

Download the lobby documents above and use the Effective Lobbying Document to prepare for your meeting.

Step 4. Let us Know How Your Meeting Went

Once you’ve had your meeting, send us an email (unite@nationrising.ca) to let our team know how it went. If you can, send along a photo too. 

Step 5. Follow up & Send Lobbying Documents